Always Elvis Radio broadcasts music with interviews, features and much more about and with Elvis Presley. Always Elvis Radio started in 2013 – and immediately became a huge success. Thousands are listening – and it’s not just from Denmark but across the world.

Always Elvis Radio is a radio station where fans can tune in and besides the music be informed about Elvis, get news about upcoming activities and hear exciting interviews with the many well-known guests from Denmark and abroad who visit Memphis Mansion in Randers.

Via our facebook page at, you can send comments and wish music on the radio.


It’s always easy to listen to Always Elvis Radio. And it’s free! Click on the logo – and then you can hear the radio on your computer – or even download our special Always Elvis Radio app. Get it where you download your apps. In addition, Always Elvis Radio is also available on various databases that provide signal for wifi radios. If you have trouble listening to us or finding the radio – send an email to:

Live radio from Memphis Manson