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The History of Memphis Mansion

Henrik Knudsen, an Elvis enthusiast in addition to the usual, had for a long time worked to realize a danish version of Graceland. The original idea for the project came up several years ago during a meeting about marketing the danish Elvis store "Elvis Unlimited". The wish was to take the store to a higher level.

From Mail order to store

Henrik Knudsen has been a dedicated fan since he at thirteen discovered Elvis.

He started The Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Denmark in 1990 and ind 1993 he opened the first Elvis Exhibition in Randers based on Henrik's big collection of Elvis artifacts. It was such a success that Henrik was offered a "full-time contract" in Soendervig. Since then the museum has been in Odense and then returned to Soendervig an then reopened in Randers. Henrik has been buying and collecting Elvis artifacts for many years, helping other Elvis fans as well. This developed into a mail order company which in 1990 became the first Danish Elvis store.

From idea to reality

In 2006 Henrik Knudsen got the name Graceland Randers registered as a trademark and on April 16, 2011 he opened the place to the public. But before it got that far a building plot and investors had to be found. In the fall of 2008 the land in Randers was purchased, but the financing was not yet in place. An agreement with Sparekassen Kronjylland came into place and several local investors joined. A delegation of craftsmen and suppliers went to Memphis to take a closer look at the original Graceland. Graceland Randers should be twice the size of the original house, which is 175 square meters in floor plan, and the architects Smærup and Wessman started to survey and photograph the house. This, combined with floor plans from the Internet, became the starting point of construction. In mid-June 2010 the work started.

The Vision

It has always been the vision that the house from the outside should be a copy with modifications to Elvis' last and most famous home, Graceland in Memphis, USA. But inside, Henrik Knudsen has chosen to reproducing only a few rooms and props for there to be space for an Elvis Store, an American Diner, banquet hall and of course the only stationary Elvis Museum outside the United States. The house cherishes Elvis' life, music and memory. Graceland Randers is Elvis Nostalgia. Henrik Knudsen has for years lived by collecting and selling Elvis artifacts. With Graceland Randers, he fulfilled his life dream.

The worlds reaction

There has been an overwhelming interest from the media. The opening of Graceland Randers has been featured in virtually all Danish newspapers. The foreign media has also written about the place The Guardian, The New York Times and BBC World have done an interview with Henrik Knudsen. Every day, tourists come from all over the world to visit the house.

A New Name

January 1, 2016, Graceland Randers became Memphis Mansion. The name was found in collaboration with the Advertising Agency Jim Dandy and was revealed to the public on December 21, 2015. The name Memphis Mansion fits perfectly with the house and its many activities.

The Elvis Museum

The Elvis Museum contains one of the largest private collections in the world with many effects, which either belonged to Elvis, were given by him or made for him.

The Elvis Shop

The Elvis Shop always has more than 6000 different item numbers in stock, all related to Elvis. CDs, DVDs, books, postcards, magazines, autographs, key chains, bags, mugs, watches and jewelry, t-shirts, photos and more. We also have items for sale that have belonged to Elvis.

Highway 51 Diner

The diner is All American - in decor and food. We offer brunch, starters, main courses, salads and desserts. We prepare the food with love and genuine Southern state spirit of quality ingredients.

Banquet Facilities And Meeting Rooms

The banquet hall and the meeting rooms is used extensively for all kinds of private parties, meetings and conferences, concerts and lectures, corporate parties and events. We have had more than 1000 events since its opening in 2011.


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