Elvis’ America – from sea to shining sea. (COMMING SOON!)


Elvis’ America – from sea to shining sea.
Upcoming book
Made by “3 Elvis travelers” – who have followed in Elvis footsteps for close to 40 years and together made more than 200 trips to the USA.
All you need is this book if you want to check out Elvis sights in America .
Tony, Lars and Henrik, got support and info from a lot of people like, Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, Sam Phillips, The Jordanires, Red West, Marty Lacker, George Klein, Bill Burk, all members of TCB Band, Dick Grob, Charlie Hodge, Linda and Sam Thompson just to name a few
Shirley Connell life long Memphian also helped providing an amazing insight of Elvis Town and other places.
The book is expected out later this year.

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