FTD 214 How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe


FTD 214 ‘How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe’.


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did Elvis really pose a threat to communist Eastern Europe when he served as a US Soldier in West Germany? Boy, he sure did.

All these topics and plenty more are covered in How RCA Brought Elvis to Europe.

And not to be forgotten: free with the book’s first edition comes an UNRELEASED 1956 VINYL EP.

The book is written by Norwegians Sigbjørn Stabursvik and Hans Otto Engvold, supported by a network of experts from fourteen countries. Stabursvik knows things about records that most people don’t, while Engvold is a hound for detail in all things Elvis.
‘How RCA Brought Elvis To Europe’. This beautifully designed book contains unseen pictures and follows Elvis ascent from hottest act in The South via US stardom to becoming RCA Victor’s spearhead as the company launched the RCA label worldwide in 1956. It goes on to show how Europe was completely won over by the early 1960’s.

Bonus, free with the book’s first edition comes an Unreleased 1956 Vinyl EP.

FTD 214